Well, let me tell you...

My name is Stebs. There aren’t many people, places or things in this world I can’t find something to love within. I believe that everyone and everything has a story to tell, it’s simply a matter of looking hard enough and caring about my subjects. It’s through these explorations into humanity that I believe I can create a more genuine and honest understanding of the world around us. I feel that if you actually take the time to sit back and listen to what people have to say, you might actually learn something.

I focus heavily on on trying to create beautiful, informative and inspiring films. The object has been to meet and work with as many people as possible, and to create a body of work that does not just reflect one person, place or thing, but encompasses as many sides of life as possible. As an artist collaborating with friends & family, editors, motion graphic artists, creative agencies and generally awesome people, I have almost never felt alone in my journeys. I love getting to know people and the stories they have to tell – and I love sharing them with the world.

Today, I have worked with hundreds of people from all over the world on countless projects, from short documentaries to big-time TV commercials. I put my energy into projects that are meaningful, powerful, interesting, and fun… sometimes just for fun. I hope to keep my journey going by working alongside people and companies that actually have something of value to say. The ones who put their best foot forward and meet new challenges with an open mind and an open heart…


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You're so polite. I'll go on...

To be honest, I feel like a child sometimes. Looking at life so often through a very simple lens. Not thinking too much, not worrying too much, and giving every new thing a chance; I try to film my subjects through this lens. One that sees it for what it is, without judgment and without a facade.

When I set out to make a film, I try to understand something to it’s core. The closer I can get to that, the more true and authentic a piece will be. If I want the audience to walk away having learned something, I – as the storyteller – have to learn something myself.  That said, I can give you fancy camera tricks and sun flares for days if that’s what you’re into, but what I specialize in is telling true stories in as clear, simple and beautiful a way as possible.

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