Marta Becket & The Amargosa Opera House

California Dreamers

Under a blistering Death Valley sun, Marta Becket resurrected the Amargosa Opera House with nothing but a paint brush and fierce devotion to her art. Decades later, a young ballerina arrives to fill her toe shoes and carry on Marta’s dream with an unyielding spirit.

See this film and all the others from the California Dreamers series HERE!

Project Hello World

Providing digital education and internet access to communities in need.


Please take a moment to watch this film I created with the help of some amazing friends, highlighting the organization and their first build in Uganda. Their computer kiosks – or Hello Hubs – allow community members to educate themselves, communicate with others and share their story with a global online community.

The Road to What Matters

San Francisco, Part 1

Volvo’s PR firm – Waggner – approached us to come up with a way to showcase their new XC90 in a way they hadn’t done before with their other vehicles. I couldn’t resist taking it on a road trip, so I took this as a chance to produce my first mini-series, following renowned chef and general badass Jess Roy on a culinary excursion through California. Along the way we met up with amazing chefs and folks of all kinds who shared their passions for life and cooking with us. With an amazing crew behind us, it was hard not to have a good time and walk away with some great content – enjoy!


For the entire series – and to see the mini-site built by Grey around our films – visit

MIT: Course 4

This group of undergrads are some of the most interesting, inspiring and imaginative people I have ever met. It’s fantastic to see a university like MIT foster and encourage a community of exploration and creativity. Hope you enjoy!


Course 4 – and undergraduate program in the MIT Architecture department – brings together architects, designers, artists, historians and engineers around concepts and ideas that transform how we build and construct our environments.

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2015 EMMY Award Winner

I grew up with may friends being a part of the UMASS school system, and coming out as bright and successful adults. I was incredibly pleased to have the chance to be the DP for this project alongside director Jason Stamp and the amazing teams at MINDER and Boathouse.

Berkeley Protest

On December 7th, I spent about an hour filming the protests about 5 minutes from my house in Berkeley. I have a lot of mixed feelings about everything that’s going on right now. Yes, there are incredible injustices done to people every day. Yes, #blacklivesmatter. Yes, we desperately need a change. Yes, you should be angry… What you shouldn’t be though is damaging to your own communities. No, every protester is not a violent looter. No, not every police officer wants to beat the shit out of you – in fact some of them are more scared of you than you are of them. We need to live in a society where we can trust our authority, but that starts with our authority trusting us too. I don’t know about you, but I know a lot of people that police shouldn’t trust. This is a balancing act that has been out of whack for decades and wont be fixed anytime soon. For now though, people need to step up and start using their voice instead of their fists. Use their intelligence instead of their aggression. Use their hearts instead of their cold shoulder to reach out and connect with people in their neighborhood. The stronger and more knowledgable we can make our communities and the communities around us, the better chance we will have of leaving our children with a safer, brighter future.

Erica Wilson

Starting Again

So happy to release our second film for Gatorade. We had the chance to meet with a young girl who one day found herself unable to walk, eventually losing her ability to walk to transverse myelitis. Check out Erica’s story.

Thank you so much to the whole MINDER team, VML for helping to bring this story to life, Grasshopper Casting for finding Erica, Brittany DeLillo for crushing the edit and for Dan Mehta for putting together the incredible soundtrack. It’s been such a pleasure working with all of you!

If You Give a Kid a Bicycle

...she'll probably want to learn how to ride it.

I had the pleasure of shooting/directing this spot with writer Mike Howard (D&H) and producer Chris Jennings (MINDER) for the Connie Cycling Foundation. Seeing the way cycling and the community surrounding affected these children was immensely inspiring.

Somewhere Out There

An exploration of culture, curiosity and the human condition.

Let’s travel the world together. We can see incredible things, meet interesting people, and learn a lot about the world around us… because somewhere out there is just what we’re looking for.

Somewhere Out There is a web series exploring culture, curiosity and the human condition. Each episode will drop into a different culture, different surroundings and different experiences around the world. Shot from a journalistic perspective, it’s meant to transport you somewhere new, and into the life of someone else. By watching these films with an open mind to cultures different from your own, I hope they might help people to see the world in ways they never have before, and hopefully give them a deeper understanding of the world and people around you.

Usually filmed alongside photographer and teammate Justin Keena, we combine photo and video to capture these moments in as many ways as possible. Justin is a major world traveler and is often times the driving force behind finding some of the incredible people and places.


It is a constant work in progress so keep your eyes out on our Facebook page for upcoming episodes.

MIT Architecture

innovations in architecture & design at MIT

I was luck enough to be asked to film a documentary about MIT’s Architecture Program. They are making some incredible advances in the realms of architecture and design that will hopefully push towards a more beautiful and functional living spaces.

2009 – 2011 Reflection

A look through my life from 2009 - 2011

Over the past year and a half, I have had the chance to work with so many amazing people, and watch so many of their lives change either though building their businesses or through simply experiencing life and enjoying everything it has to offer. I cherish every single one of the people I come into contact with and I appreciate everything that these people have given me. From the long road trips and sleepless nights looking for hidden skate spots, to the countless hours learning about all the hard work someone has put into their art and business, I felt compelled to put together a reflection of my work over the past year and a half. I wanted this piece to reflect my work as a whole, but also show my love for the people I have worked with. I wanted to show them how much they have shaped my life, and how being surrounded by passionate and endearing people has truly made a difference in my life. I hope to never stop doing what I am doing, and that I continue to meet amazing people every single day.

Thank you to all the people who have made my life so wonderful, and thank you to all the people who have been supporting my passion and showing their appreciation for what I do. I hope to keep repaying you in every way I can, and I hope that you keep enjoying the work I put out.

From the City to the Clouds in 9 Hours

It's amazing what you can see just a few hours from home.

Sometimes city life can be overwhelming. I find myself often trying to connect with the busy world around me that I lose myself and a grasp on everything else. Trying to balance family, friends, work, pleasure and everything in between proves very difficult from day to day.

The other day my friend Jon called me up and invited me and Keena (photography) to join him on a 2:00am trek up Mt. Monroe – a neighbor to Mt. Washington, home to some of the worst weather in the world. This is one of the many things I love about New England – you can drive for a few hours on a spring evening, throw on some hiking gear, muster up a bit of bravery and stupidity and by sun rise you could be at the top of a mountain watching the sun rise.


For more projects like this, visit Keena & Stebs


Making Excellent Happen in Flimby, England

We took a visit to the New Balance factory in Flimby, England, about 7 hours north of London. Some incredible people up there who really care about what they do and the product they make…

20 Little Hands

A guerrilla tagging project on the largest horizontal billboard in the nation

Twenty Little Hands: A remembrance of the Sandy Hook children. Weeks have passed. Our kids have returned to school. We can honor them by working toward a world that is safer to grow up in. Let’s be vigilant. Let’s rekindle our outrage and share this post everywhere.


“We’ve got your back”

Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America (IAVA) is a movement created from the 2.4 million Americans who served in the military in Iraq and Afghanistan. The word “Veteran” might conjure many images in your mind, but none of these perceptions fit their number. This is a new generation of “Vets” that are ambitious for tomorrow and ready for today. “We’ve got your back” is their mantra and action is their weapon. Always a force of positive action, they are ready for the good fight in communities, businesses, and public office.

The IAVA mark, like its tribe, is ready for any situation and any environment. It is a tool for action. From community activism to political advocacy, the mark can be wielded by different hands on different occasions and always share the same clear sense of purpose. The IAVA mark stands as an instantly recognizable beacon for change. A grassroots, open source, action-oriented mover and shaker. Not what you expected, not to be under estimated. Always ready to fight the good fight.

Clarks Originals Remixed

Meeting for world-renowned music producers at their homes

Directors cut for the ’round the world tour visiting Los Angeles, Yokohama, Naples and London.


2011 Gentlemen’s Race

2011 North East Race

There is a great juxtaposition in cycling; the tougher the ride, the greater the rewards. The further you go, the more unknown places you will discover. Combine these and you have the 2011 North East Rapha Gentlemen’s Race. A 134-mile chain of beautiful scenery, grueling climbs, challenging surfaces through little-known areas of Eastern Pennsylvania.

Snake Run

The Feared & The Forgotten, Episode 2 Pilot

The concept is simple – find an interesting, forgotten, sketchy, or beautiful spot, respect it, and skate it. We are skaters and BMXers at heart, but we are truly explorers. We seek out the unknown and the potentially dangerous. We smile when we get there and are able to step back and see how we have left our mark on a place most people didn’t know existed.

We Are Friends Trailer

Shot and edited in 48 hours

We Are Friends began in 2008 in Vancouver as a twisted idea for a fight scene and has since evolved into a monster of a feature film. We are Massachusetts natives and long-time friends Stebs Schinnerer and Trevor Moore, and we’ve been pointing cameras at each other for the past decade-plus. Now we’re possessed by a mutual vision we can’t shake: a movie about movies, violence, vanity, friendship and politics– an autobiography with a touch of allegory. Organic and genuine, the film draws heavily from the lives and talents of the creators and their friends. The project is as independent as it is ambitious.

Weaving elements of docufiction, action, drama, and comedy with a hard-hitting narrative, we aim to create a completely original look, feel, and tempo. Almost every aspect of the film’s production— concept, writing, pre-production, acting, shooting, editing, marketing, and distribution– are handled by Stebs, Trevor, and their friends. This is truly a passion project.